April 13, 2015

Economics: Creation of Modern Banking Activity


1. Read the story "The Recollections of Pine Gulch." Click here for the story: It takes about 20-30 minutes.

2. Then complete the multiple choice quiz online (Found here) and click submit, and I will receive your answers.

December 9, 2014

Fed Essay Information - What Are The Causes of Inequality?

Research: The links below are good places to get you started with your research and thinking about your thesis statement. You need good research and facts to back up your arguments. Before that, however, look over the tips below for a good essay:

  • Thesis clearly presented
  • Paragraphs well organized
  • Effective transitions between paragraphs
  • Argument follows a logical progression
  • Strong evidence used to support thesis
  • Sentence structure
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Page numbers
  • Bibliography and parenthetical references or footnotes follow a consistent style (MLA Format - use Easybib.com for citation)
  • Cover includes required information
  • First written page with title and no name
  • Copy can be easily read—type is clear and dark

Sources: First check out the Fed Essay Website Bibliography Here. 

Here are some other sources about income inequality, as a serious problem and the causes:
Articles arguing income inequality is actually overstated: 

February 23, 2014

Possible Fed Essay Topics: "The Future of the Fed"

Before choosing a topic, be sure to read the topic primer here.

1. Replace the Federal Reserve with the Gold Standard.
2. Stay the Course. ex. - No economic depressions since the Great Depression. We need a "lender of last resort" in a financial crisis.
3. Alternatives to the Fed: Use money besides the US Dollar: (ex. Bitcoin)

Fed Essay Sources

Click on the following articles for good info regarding your topic.
A good place to start: Resources on the Fed Essay page. Click Here.
End/Reform the Fed and the Gold Standard articles:

February 14, 2014


Please click here for more info on the topic, and to read articles to help you write your essay. Due March 14th.

Also see previous winners of a $100 dollar bill from Armstrong.

September 5, 2013

The AC/DC Economics Review App is Here!

This app is highly recommended and the real deal, a great way to review for your tests and the AP Exam. Links to 100's of Mr. Clifford's Videos. Also, some outstanding review questions, written by yours truly. Apps work on you tablet, iPhone, or Android phone. If you search for AP Economics, you can locate the app by finding the AC/DC logo at the top left.

Macro: Find it on iTunes here.
Micro: Find it on iTunes here.
Macro: Find it on Google Play here
Micro: Find it on Google Play here.

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May 9, 2013

April 9, 2013

The AP Econ Video Contest Results Are In

Watch the video for the winners, and don't miss the nice shout-out to Jackson and Kristian for their video: "Opposite of Econ"

April 8, 2013

And The Winner of 100 Trillion Dollars in the AP Econ Video Contest is...

Stay tuned... I watched some AWESOME videos this weekend as a member of the judging committee. The results are hidden in a secure location and I am sworn to secrecy, but you can check out AC/DC Econ's YouTube Channel later today to see the video announcing the winners. Click on the picture Below to see all of the entries.

February 18, 2013

"How should North Dakota Handle its Oil Boom?" - Resources for Your Essay.

The following list of articles should seen as a beginning, not an end to your research. Don't forget to check out the Essay website and list of sources there.

Every policy has trade-offs, opportunity costs. Externalities. Scarcity. A  good essay needs good research combined with sound economic logic. Why will your investment or ideas work? Prove it with research. 

In-Text Citations:
1. Read here for proper citation info.

NEW! What leads to a better economic future (economic growth)? 
1. Investment in human capital (education).
2. Infrastructure.
3. Natural Resources.
4. Investment in capital goods and technology.

Possible Topics: 
1. Invest in Education, Infrastructure... which lead to Future Economic Growth.
2. Invest Money in Better K-12 and Post Secondary vocational training, useful careers. Model on a German Education System. 
3. With so many Negative Externalities, ND should slow or stop Development - What role for Government? 
4. Invest in Alternative, Green Energy to provide a sustainable future. 
5. How to deal with labor, housing shortages?
6. Where have oil booms been successful? Been a bust? Examples for North Dakota. 

Research and History of Oil Booms:
1. The secret to Germany's low youth unemployment - their education system. Ideas for North Dakota.
2. Investing in Education - with Germany style vocational education and training.
3. Study on how investing in education leads to economic growth.
4. Study on how infrastructure spending helps economic growth.
5. History of past oil booms: How Texas invested its oil money in education, and other areas.
6. North Dakota will spend surplus on infrastructure, schools.
7. Could the boom go bust due to Government Regulation?
8. New: ND enjoys boom, but prepares for a slowdown.
9. ND Columnist's ideas for managing the boom.
10. NEW! How oil-rich Norway avoided the "oil curse"

The Boom!
1. $1.6 budget surplus.
2. Tax cuts, increased government spending in ND.
3. Importance of free markets learned in ND.
4. Economic impact of the boom. National Geographic.
5. Oil boom helps MN railroads.
6. Ideas how to manage the boom.
7. Possibilities to manage the boom.
8. Why Menards flies workers to N.D. every week.


1. North Dakota's struggle with population growth.
2. Video: Fight over Missouri River rights.
3. Boom leads to duck bust? Star tribune article.
4. More oil fracking regulation from Obama could lead to oil bust?
5. High cost of oil boom.
6. Growing pains of oil boom. PBS article and video.
7. Downsides of living in an oil boom.
8. A positive externality: North Dakota teen pregnancy rates lowest in the nation. The reason: OIL

January 15, 2013

December 12, 2012

May 25, 2012

From AP Econ Classroom to the US Senate?

Here's a great story on US Senate Candidate Kurt Bills, who is a Minnesota State Represenative and still a AP Econ teacher at Rosemount High School.
Kurt Bills hopes to take his knowledge of the Phillips Curve knowledge to Washington